While offering insurance policies to prospective buyers based on gender alone might seem rather discriminatory or even, sexist, there are actually a number of benefits to be considered in the case of coverage for women. In fact, despite what many men say about female drivers, women are actually better drivers from a statistical perspective. So, are women simply more skilled behind the wheel than men? All evidence points toward female driving habits, which allow them to approach situations more carefully and avoid becoming overly aggressive. This means that women are involved in not only fewer accidents but also less likely to actually file an insurance claim. What does this ultimately mean? This means that insurance companies are extremely eager to set up specialized policies for female drivers, because they will likely save even more money and file fewer claims in the long run. Because the majority of the traffic accidents involving women drivers tend to be minor ones (which are easier and cheaper to repair) costs to their insurance companies are kept to a minimum.

Women’s premiums are lower only because of gathered evidence which points toward the realization that a female driver is statistically a more responsible driver. It’s not necessarily that women’s policies differ that greatly from men’s in terms of specific coverage points or scope, it’s just that they’re often much cheaper. So, women end up with even more carrier options to choose from, and as a result, may likely find an affordable policy that also includes the suitable coverage options that they require.

So, despite the prevalence of “women driver” jokes, the exact opposite is actually true. And if you happen to be a female and are looking for car insurance, you should take solace in the fact that you are actually at an advantage.


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