Why pay for extra for a car insurance policy that covers you on days that you don’t even drive?  Also referred to by its other name, short-term coverage, pay by the day auto insurance is a very popular choice these days.  There are many reasons for this; first off, it’s practical.  You wouldn’t pay your doctor on days where services weren’t rendered would you?  Of course not; so why would anyone want to pay for car insurance on days that they don’t plan on driving?   The truth is that, one day insurance policies will not work for most people (even though some insurance companies might try to convince you that their short term policies function in nearly the same capacity as prepaid cellular plans).

It should be noted however, that one day coverage policies will end up costing nearly the same amount as standard liability policy if the driver is driving around a few times per week.  On the other hand, if you are the type of individual that only drives once every month or two; you will save quite a bit of dough (over time) with one day, or short-term coverage.

This is not to say that it is possible for anyone to be eligible for one day auto insurance, however.  There are certain types of individuals which will likely find it quite difficult to locate an insurance carrier which will supply them with short term coverage.  Drivers with poor records, DUI, or other issues are not likely to be fit for single day coverage; the same thing can be said for either very young or old drivers (as they are often calculated as a high risk).  Likewise, those that have pre-existing claims will probably not find a company willing to offer them a pay by the day policy.  If you’re the type of driver that hasn’t accumulated penalty points on their license, or had it suspended within a period of several years, you are most likely eligible for short-term coverage.


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