Insurance Guide for First Time Buyers

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For young and 1st time drivers car insurance can be an expensive blow. However, there are some things you can do to make sure your insurance premiums stay as low as possible. It can be tempting to choose a top of the range car with high power engine, however this type of thinking isn’t going to get you the best deal on your insurance and get you out on to the open road! Here’s an insurance guide for first time buyers:

Be Sensible With Your Choice Of Car

For young and first time drivers it’s not a good idea to get a car with a high powered engine or a luxury car, such as an Audi from Jardine Motors. Naturally these types of cars will be a lot more to insure as they pose much more of a risk with a new driver behind the wheel. To make sure you get the lowest insurance premiums possible, choose a car with a smaller engine, preferably a standard model with no modifications.

The value of the car will also dictate how much you pay for your insurance. Try to choose a decent second hand car that won’t cost you thousands of pounds.

Type Of Cover

There are 3 different types of insurance cover:

  • Fully comprehensive
  • Third party fire and theft
  • Third Party

Fully comp will be the most expensive kind of insurance, but it will cover you for most of the things that can happen to your car including accidental damage caused by yourself (in most circumstances).

Third party fire and theft insurance will cover you for damage to other peoples property and any injury caused to them, and will also cover you if your own vehicle should get stolen or perish in a fire.

Third party insurance will be the cheapest kind of insurance but it will cover you the least. You’ll only be covered for damage made to other people’s property and any injuries that are your fault.

Keep Your License Clean

Avoid any points on your license and convictions. It seems obvious but many new drivers can tend to get over confident and drive too recklessly, leading to accidents and points. Don’t drink and drive, don’t go over the speed limit, and try your hardest to be careful. You can then start building up your no claims bonuses!

Carefully Pick Your Drivers

It might be cheaper when getting your first insurance quote to limit your drivers to only you, however you may be able to add older, more experienced drivers at no cost! You could add your parents on to your insurance quote for free, or it could possibly even bring your quote down. Try it and see!

Keep Your Mileage Low

It’s a no brainer that keeping your mileage low means you’re driving on the roads less – and that makes you less of a risk and brings your quote down. Only driving where you need to and walking everywhere you can will reduce your monthly insurance payments.

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