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Driving Abroad? Make Sure You Follow These Steps First!

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Going abroad is something millions of Brits do each year for pleasure or business purposes. For the most part, we do this by flying to our destination from a local airport. Some folks prefer to make their way to their destinations in the comfort of their vehicles.

Driving to Europe from the UK involves a trip across the English Channel on a ferry. But what if you don’t like the idea of travelling on a vessel? There’s always the Eurostar train that crosses into Europe via the Channel Tunnel.

If you are planning a continental road trip soon, it’s important that you are aware of a few things first before you travel. Here is what you need to know:


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Check your car insurance entitlement

Before you drive to the continent, the first thing you must do is check whether your car insurance policy allows you to drive abroad. Many fully-comprehensive policies include European travel cover for a set period. Whereas others only offer this feature for an extra cost.

You can find out what your entitlement is by checking your policy documents. If you don’t have them to hand, you can always make a quick phone call to your insurer to find out. Should you not have the entitlement, some insurers will let you add the extra entitlement on for an additional fee.

In the event that your insurer won’t cover you, sign up with an alternative insurer and cancel your policy with your existing one. The only downside to that approach is you lose the year’s no-claims bonus you were building up. And you may also have to pay a fee to your existing insurer if you owe them some money still.

Get breakdown cover

Dealing with a car breakdown in the UK is bad, but doing so in Europe can be a nightmare! The good news is that you can buy breakdown cover that includes cover in European destinations.

Unless you are moving to the continent, you will only need cover for a set amount of days or weeks. There are plenty of firms that can arrange European breakdown cover for you, so be sure to get a few quotes first.

Drive a roadworthy vehicle

MOT tests are quite strict these days. But in some European nations, your car may be subject to random roadside tests by the motoring authorities there. That’s why it makes sense to drive to Europe only in a car you know is totally roadworthy!

If your car isn’t as reliable as it once was, it might be a wise idea to trade it in for a newer model from somewhere like A1 Carriages. Of course, there is a plethora of private sellers and dealerships out there, so you’ve got plenty of choices when looking for a new car.

Find out what the local motoring laws are

Did you know that if you drive in France, you need to have a portable breathalyser in your car at all times? If you’re caught driving without one in your possession, you may get a roadside fine for your troubles.

The gov.uk website can help you learn more about any driving requirements or restrictions in the countries you visit. By following this guide, you will have a safe and pleasant trip abroad!


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