The Tradesman’s Guide To Insuring A Van For Work

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As a tradesman, you depend on your van to help you earn a living. In essence, your van is your workhorse. You use it to carry all the tools and materials you need for working on each project.

Without a dependable van, it will be next to impossible for you to keep working. Part of the assumed responsibilities you will have when owning a van is making sure it’s maintained. That means getting it serviced when it needs to, and paying for any extra repair work.

Another essential cost you need to bear is insurance. Did you know that some van owners don’t have the right insurance for their workhorses? And those that do sometimes pay too much money for it? Today’s blog post will give you some pointers on how you can insure your van for work the smart way. Here is what you need to know:


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Is your van easy to break into?

One of the reasons van insurance is so expensive is that some models are easy to break into! Many older vans don’t have much in the way of security. These days, modern vans like the ones you see at the Vanwise Group have alarm and immobiliser systems. The locks used on them are also more difficult to “pick” or break.

If your van is old and isn’t particularly secure, it will make more sense to upgrade to a newer and better model. You can then save money on your van insurance costs!

Where do you park your van at night?

Van insurers will always ask you where you park your van at night when you’re not using it. Some van owners might keep their vehicles locked in a secure yard. The self-employed might keep their vans parked outside their homes.

The thing about keeping vans in full public view is that you increase their risk of getting broken into. If you want to avoid increasing that risk factor, find better places to park your workhorse. Examples include:

  • Your garage;
  • A parking space behind your home (i.e. in the back garden);
  • An area of your driveway out of public view (such as behind some trees); and
  • In a secure car park.

What visual deterrents do you use?

It also pays to use several visual deterrents to lower the risk of making a claim for theft. For example, you could fit stickers on your doors that say “no tools are left in this van overnight.”

You could also upgrade the door locks to hardened ones that are next to impossible to break or remove. Or even fit additional locks to your doors! An alarm system with a flashing LED light also helps. As does a steering wheel lock.

Where do you buy your van insurance?

Now that you know the steps to reduce the risk of thefts from occurring, it’s time to think about where to get the best insurance quotes! You might not realise it, but comparison sites like Go Compare aren’t just for cars. You can use them to get van insurance quotes too!

Make sure that you use those sites before your insurance is up for renewal each year. Some tradesmen have saved hundreds of pounds each year by doing that!


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