Beat The Car Insurance Renewal Blues With This Handy Guide!

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Car insurance renewal time is never a period where vehicle owners jump up and down with joy. The process often begins with a renewal quote letter sent to them in the post by their existing insurers.

An annoying thing about renewal quotes is that they are seldom cheaper or the same as their existing premium. There are plenty of examples where people can even get more competitive quotes from the same company’s website, or by phoning them up!


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It doesn’t inspire confidence that one’s existing insurer will always give the best prices. And it also does nothing for customer loyalty.

Is your car insurance due for renewal soon? If so, don’t worry. By following the tips in this guide, you will have no trouble getting a decent renewal deal for your pride and joy! Here is what you need to know:

Make a note in your diary

You must write in your diary a reminder to yourself. The reminder is to start getting insurance quotes around three weeks before your existing policy is due to expire. What insurers won’t tell you is that, the nearer you are to your policy’s expiry date, the dearer your renewal will be.

If you can get quotes long before the renewal date, I can guarantee you that your new premiums will be cheaper than you might think!

Dedicate an hour to getting insurance quotes

It’s easy just to stick with whatever quote your existing insurer gives you. But, the problem is you will often up paying over the odds for your new policy! You need to save as much money as possible on your insurance premiums.

When the time comes for getting quotes, you should devote at least one full hour to shopping around for your new insurance policy. Start by using insurance comparison websites. The best ones are:

  • Compare The Market;
  • Go Compare;
  •; and
  • uSwitch.

Let’s say that you’re planning to buy a newer car from soon. And before your policy expires. I recommend getting insurance quotes from other companies. Why? Because your existing insurer might charge you a fortune to insure your new car. Whereas other firms could save you money.

Get direct quotes

Some insurers might not be a part of insurance comparison websites. It’s worth doing a few individual quotes direct on some different websites. That way, you won’t miss out on potential savings!

Haggle with your existing insurer

People of Britain: you must hone your haggling skills! Many people are afraid of negotiating on price for things like car insurance. But it makes no sense not to ask for a better deal!

Once you have got the best quote from the comparison sites, phone up your existing insurer. Tell them your quote details and see what they say. Often, they will match your quote if they can.

The phone call won’t usually cost you anything; all you are spending is a few minutes of your time. I’d say that’s a cost worth paying if you save three or even two-figure sums from your renewal quote!

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