Up until the moment you pass your driving test, you will always have a qualified motorist in the passenger seat. That might be your instructor, or your parents if they have been giving you a hand. When your license is obtained though, you can legally go out on the roads without anyone to guide you. That is when bad habits can form, and issues can arise. You need to keep the right attitude to ensure you don’t become sloppy. There are lots of things that can increase the chances of something going wrong, as you will soon see.

Getting too close to other drivers can mean you don’t have enough room to stop without hitting them in an emergency. There is no way of telling when other motorists might have to slam their brakes on, and so you need to stay at least two car lengths behind at all times.

Whenever you plan to turn a corner, you need to let other motorists know. Even so, you wouldn’t believe the amount of people who fail to indicate. Not only does that put you at risk, but it also means any passengers you might have are in danger.

Driving too slowly on the motorway is just as bad as driving too fast. If you are not confident enough yet to travel at the seventy miles per hour speed limit, you should use your sat nav to find alternative routes.

Want to learn more about the worst habits new motorists pick up after obtaining their license? Take a quick read through the infographic.

dangerous driving habits
Infographic Source Accident Advice Helpline


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