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How To Seek Out The Cheapest 4×4 Insurance Deals: A Guide For Newbies

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Car insurance seems to be one of those motoring expenses that increases with each passing year. Yes, you might hear industry officials telling you that the cost of motor insurance has gone down in recent years. But, the premiums you pay seem to tell a different story.

Are you planning on buying a 4×4 soon? If so, you will no doubt be aware that your insurance costs are likely going to be higher than with smaller cars. Of course, you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for your insurance cover. So, how can you seek out the best deals for your insurance?

It turns out there are plenty of ways to slash the costs of your 4×4 insurance premiums. Want to know what they are? Keep reading to find out!


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Don’t spec a new model with lots of options

On paper, optional extras might add extra value to your new pride and joy. But, did you know that they also add extra costs to your 4×4 insurance premiums? As you know, insurers base premiums on the amount of “risk” they must cover.

Vehicles with a plethora of optional extras can increase the risk of theft from a 4×4. And so, to take that into account, insurance companies will charge you more for those extra little luxuries you want!

For instance, did you know that specifying a 4×4 with a third row of seats in the back will cost insurers more to replace than it does for you to specify as an option? There are two ways around such an issue.

The first is to do without those extras that you’d love your next car to have. And the second is to choose a higher-spec model. You’re likely to pay less for a fully-loaded model than a mid-range one with lots of optional extras, believe it or not!

Let’s say that you want to buy a Land Rover of some description. On the website, you could compare two models. One is a standard trim with lots of extras while the other is a range-topper. The good news is you’ll usually pay less getting the latter. And your insurance will be cheaper too; a win-win situation, if you ask me!

Keep your car somewhere safe at night

The sad truth is organised crime gangs target 4x4s and SUVs because they fetch higher prices on the black market. If you want to avoid becoming a victim of vehicle crime, think carefully about where your car is parked at night.

If you have a garage, you should keep your 4×4 inside of it. Don’t leave it parked on the driveway. Not unless you’ve got a secure perimeter around your home and land!

Park in public places

Car thieves will only attack vehicles in public if an opportunity arises. In other words, if you’ve left something of value on display like your wallet or smartphone. They aren’t likely to steal your car in broad daylight in full public view; they’d rather do that somewhere quiet.

By following the tips on this page, your 4×4 insurance will be more affordable. Thanks for reading!


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