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What should new drivers know about car insurance?

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If you’re a new driver, then you are most likely just discovering car insurance as well.  If that’s the case, there are a few things that you should know which will ultimately help you to make a much more informed consumer decision about not only what company to go with, but also what policy options you should consider.

Aside from obvious issues, like the price of various standard policies from company to company, you should only select an insurance carrier that has a reputation for quick response(s) to claims and/or incidents.  While the basic tendency when searching for car insurance is to simply find the cheapest policy around, doing so will usually place you in the hands of a fly-by-night organization (or perhaps one that frequently denies or is slow to process claims in general).  Above all else, you want your car insurance provider to still be in business a few years down the road.

Choosing the appropriate policy options is also important.  For example, in most states liability insurance (which pays out to others in the event that you are found at fault in an accident) is mandatory, and is all that is required by law.  However, this doesn’t mean that this is all that you should consider, especially if you are dependent on providing your own transportation.  For example, comprehensive coverage will help you pay for repairs / replacement in the event of theft, fire, vandalism or other unforeseen events.  While collision coverage exists to help you replace / repair your automobile after an incident.

Before setting on any insurance policy it’s also a great idea to take the time to evaluate any potential carrier’s coverage regulations / restrictions with regards to you driving someone else’s vehicle, and vice versa.  Selecting the appropriate company and policy for your auto insurance needs isn’t something that should be done lightly; these decisions should be carefully taken into consideration.

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